Author's Note

Whitewater is the first of a series.  River Bend and Return to River Bend are sequelsAnd, Lord willing, there will be others to follow.  All of these stories are stand-alone, meaning one does not have to read them in order.  But Whitewater is the first, if the reader does wish to tackle them in the sequence that I wrote them.

Obviously, some of the characters do, and will continue to appear in all of the novels.  Hopefully, they are likeable enough that the reader will want to continue to trace their exploits through succeeding narratives. 

One very important note about Whitewater.  The Indian tribes in the story are wholly fictitious; I did not use real, historical tribes.  I think it will be obvious to the reader, once reaching that part of the novel, as to why I did that.   I hope it doesn't detract from the story.

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Mark K. Lewis